2021 Greyhounds of Tasmania Calendar call for submissions

Each year GAP publishes a calendar featuring greyhounds that have been rehomed in Tasmania.

We invite you to submit photographs of your greyhound for consideration for publication in the 2021 calendar.

Photographs for consideration for inclusion in the 2021 Greyhounds of Tasmania Calendar must be submitted by the close of business 30th of June 2020.

There are strict guidelines and minimum standards surrounding the photographs which will be considered for publication in the calendar these include:

  • No photos saved from Facebook will be accepted (they need to be the original copy to ensure high enough quality to print, photos saved off Facebook are not high enough quality)
  • No website photos can be accepted (again not high enough quality)
  • Photographs must be a minimum size of 1MB
  • The background in the photographs should be as “uncluttered” as possible
  • All images must be socially acceptable

By submitting your photo’s, you are giving permission for the image and anyone in it to be published.

Please submit photographs with the file name as follows dogs name, Owners name

Please submit your photographs to gapadmin@tasracing.com.au

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