2022 Greyhounds of Tasmania calendar (call for submissions).


We wish to Thank everyone for their submissions.  The 2022 calendar has been finalised and we hope to have it on our Merchandise page by the end of December 2021.


Each year GAP publishes a calendar featuring greyhounds that have been rehomed in Tasmania.

We invite you to submit photographs of your greyhound for consideration for publication in the 2022 calendar.

Photographs for consideration for inclusion in the 2022 Greyhounds of Tasmania Calendar must be submitted by the close of business 30th of June 2021.

There are strict guidelines and minimum standards surrounding the photographs which will be considered for publication in the calendar, and these include:

  • No photos saved from Facebook will be accepted (they need to be the original copy to ensure high enough quality to print, photos saved off Facebook are not high enough quality)
  • No website photos can be accepted (again not high enough quality)
  • Photographs must be a minimum size of 1MB
  • The background in the photographs should be as “uncluttered” as possible
  • All images must be socially acceptable

By submitting your photo, you give TASRACING PTY LTD (ABN 62 269 303 946) (GAP), the irrevocable right to use your name/photograph/image for the purposes of advertising, media publicity, publication, promotional material, general display or for any other GAP purposes in whole or in part, including but not limited to publication on GAP’s annual Greyhounds of Tasmania Calendar. You waive any interest that you may have in the copyright to your name/photograph/image now or at any future time and acknowledge that you are not entitled, nor shall in the future be entitled, to receive any payment or consideration in respect of it and agree to make no claim against GAP for any payments for the publication of your name/photograph/image. You understand that GAP cannot control unauthorised use of your name/photograph/image upon publication by persons not associated with GAP, and GAP will not be liable for any unauthorised use. You forever waive any right to inspect or approve any publication of your name/photograph/image.

Please submit photographs with the file name as follows ‘dogs name, Owners name’

Please submit your photographs to gapadmin@tasracing.com.au


Personal Information Handling Practices – Tasracing is committed to complying with its legal obligations under the Personal Information Protection Act?2004 (Tas) (PIP Act), Right to Information Act?2009 (Tas) and the Privacy Act 1988 (Tas) (Privacy Act) (including the Australian Privacy Principles). ?This relates to:

  • managing, collecting, storing, handling, using and disclosing personal information and other information held by us; and
  • providing you with guidance on how you may access and correct your personal information held by us.


If at any time you wish to access your personal information, you should contact marketing@tasracing.com.au.  Tasracing’s Privacy Policy is located at https://tasracingcorporate.com.au/

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