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About the Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania (GAP)

The Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania (“GAP Tasmania”) is a program established by Tasracing with the objective of giving permanent homes to these loveable dogs when they have retired from racing.

GAP Tasmania is operated by Tasracing as a not for profit activity. Tasracing employs a team of dedicated staff to care for and transition these wonderful dogs from elite athlete to pets.

Every greyhound that enters the GAP Tasmania program is temperament assessed, de-sexed, has up to date flea and worm treatment, current C5 vaccination , microchip registered to the new owner, and has their teeth polished and nails trimmed. They can spend three weeks with our volunteer foster carers who help prepare them for pet life while gathering important information about them to help GAP match the dogs with the right forever home to best suit them.

The program is run by people passionate about greyhounds and about educating the wider community that  greyhounds make wonderful pets,  the greyhound is one of the kindest and gentlest dogs you will ever meet!

There are two main ways you can assist GAP Tasmania:

  1. Our dogs for adoption are listed on this website here.
  2. If you are interested in adding a new dog to your family, but are unable to commit to permanent ownership, why not foster a dog to help it on its journey.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of any of our events.

And of course, once you’ve discovered for yourself what a fantastic dog the greyhound is as a pet, you can help spread the word via our Facebook page here.

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Help us help greyhounds

To help further this great cause you can either make a donation or buy some merchandise from our store.

Another way of showing support is by coming to one of our events, be sure to check our calendar for any up-coming events.