The GAP Team

Tasracing’s Welfare Manager Belinda Lewis oversee’s the management of the GAPTas program with the support of a very dedicated team.

Day to day operations are managed by program manager.

Leanne is the person responsible for delivering and collecting the dogs moving into and back from foster care and going to the vet for their desexing and health checks. Leanne is also the happy face that visits the nursing homes and other community initiatives with these beautiful dogs. When Leanne isn’t out and about she is assisting people with meeting and adopting the dogs at our new facility

Chris, Phil and Eleanor are our animal care attendants dedicated to 7 days a week of being the dogs cook, cleaner and personal assistant. They spend the day ensuring all dogs have time in the day yards, complete a daily walk where they see the sights and sounds, enjoy play time with the dogs of other breeds and sizes, even say hello to the resident sheep!. In the morning they make the bed for the dogs ready for them to retire to in the evening and prepare their meals.

Clare is the jack of all trades, she is the receptionist, admin officer, adoptions facilitator and that’s if we can drag her away from the dogs long enough. Clare will answer your calls and emails Tuesday to Friday, facilitate adoptions as well as maintaining the website, newsletter and facebook.

Ian and Sylvia are the property caretakers, onsite to ensure there is a human presence to meet the greyhounds beck and call at all hours, Ian and Sylvia are also the green thumbs that maintain the beautiful gardens and lawns of the Gap adoption Facility.

Dexter the rough collie, Toby the Dalmation and Dora the Harrier hound are part of the daily socialising team and start the dogs off learning to share their space with dogs that look different to them.

GAPtas is also strongly supported by dedicated volunteers who’s assistants is highly valued and greatly appreciated.