If you are considering a new canine addition to your family why not consider a greyhound.  Contrary to common misconceptions, the greyhound is a quiet, gentle loving breed which quickly learns to fit into a family situation. There are two types of adoption available.

Straight out adoption

Straight out adoption is where you adopt a greyhound that has already spent time in foster care. Our carers introduce the dogs to the new experiences that they may not have been exposed to in their racing homes. Foster carers teach the greyhounds about living in their home and gather information about what the dog does and doesn’t like or learn to help us match them to your requirements.

Our straight out adoption fee is currently $300 for one dog or $500 if you adopt two at the same time.  The greyhound comes with the following; de-sexing, micro-chipping, temperament testing, flea and worm treatment, C5 vaccination, teeth polish, nail trim, a coat, muzzle, and collar.

Adoption – Self Foster

Adoption – self foster is where you adopt the greyhounds and undertake the role of fostering (transitioning to your home)  yourself, meaning that your dog learns the rules in your home from the start. They settle in and start to bond with you and learn exactly what you want them to. If things aren’t the right fit then you have 28 days to find that out and you return them to the program along with a completed observation report and receive a full refund and you have helped transition a greyhound to a pet home and gathered information that will assist us to find the right home for them. The greyhound is still desexed, C5 vaccinated, microchipped, teeth polished, nail trimmed and you will receive a collar, lead, muzzle and a coat  and the adoption fee is reduced to $250 for one of $400 if you adopt – self foster two at the same time.

As the costs associated with putting a dog through GAP Tasmania is far more than our adoption fee, we consider the adoption fee as a donation to our program and will in turn go to helping the next dog go through the program and find their own forever home.

As part of the adoption process, you will need to fill out the adoption form (below), which will give GAP Tasmania more information to help us find the right dog to suit your lifestyle. The more information you can give us the higher the chance that we will be able to help you choose the right dog to integrate into your household.

Please Note:

We are currently experiencing high demand for adoptions and foster caring, wonderfully we have placed most of the available dogs in homes over the past 2 weeks (April 17th 20) we are currently working through assessment, desexing and recovery and will have more dogs available as soon as they are ready. Thank you to the wonderful people who have welcomed a greyhound to their home.

There will be an extra waiting period for cat-social greyhounds as not all  dogs will pass the cat-suitability section of our temperament assessment. To deem a dog cat social it is required that the dog interact with the fast moving cat as well as a cat that is calm and casual in a safe way with no predatory behavior displayed. Please note on your application if you are willing and capable of undertaking the socialising interactions with a potential new dog and your cat or are looking for a dog that has already spent time in a home with a cat. Regardless if the dog has spent time in a home with a cat, careful introductions and interactions are required with your cat as the dog is not familiar yet with your cat.

Dogs will not be held without the adoption agreement being completed and the adoption fee received.

Available for adoption: