Race name: Midland's Magic
Date of birth: 07/03/2017


Blacky is still finding his feet a bit in the house.  He is well behaved and needed no toilet training.  He gets very excited when people come to the house but quietens down fairly quickly.  He pulls a bit on the lead but walks in a nice straight line and doesn’t stop to sniff.  He was confronted with a spaniel and paid no attention to it.  When the renegade terrier came to stay for the weekend he coped very well.  He tries to get on my knee so, although it’s cute, I don’t let him get away with it.  I say no, off and push him off and if he sits quietly beside me I give him a little pat and say good boy.  He does not like the lawn mower, barking and lunging at it but doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner.




Blacky continues to be a good boy.  He still pulls on his lead but it is not unmanageable.  He hasn’t chewed anything and always leaves a room when I say out.  He continues to ignore any dogs we meet.  The sleeping issue has been very hard to assess (Blacky has displayed ‘sleep startle’).  There have been two occasions at  the weekend and he was very firmly chastised by me and also my partners very loud voice.  He is making no attempt to bite, it just startles us if we are not ready for it.  He has been sitting next to me when I am on the beanbag and hadn’t growled when I moved.  I also dragged some wool over his head and nose and he just twitched his ear  so I can’t work out what provokes it.  Maybe  it’s only when he is dreaming?

** for this reason we are looking for a home for Blacky with no children or children aged 12 plus ***

Available for adoption: