Race name: Fernando Bolt
Date of birth: 03/12/2015

Banjo is a sweet boy but is a little unsure around strangers and children.  He is looking for a child free home and one that can give him a lot of attention.



Banjo has been doing really well! He is very happy to keep to himself but loves a good pat if you offer one. I have hardly had any issues with him at all.   We have gone for a walk every day and he has been left at home alone both inside and outside.  We have driven in the car and played with the toys.

Banjo is a great eater, not at all fussy.  He sleeps through the night and always on his bed, never tries to get on the furniture.  He isn’t interested in bench surfing and he doesn’t like shoes!  He sits down in the car almost instantly.

He walks quite well on the lead but does zig zag a bit.  He had a few toilet accidents inside for the first few days but that seems to have stopped as he is getting better at signaling when he wants to go outside.

Banjo is very interested in the chickens and needs to be under a close watch when he is near them.  He is fine if he can hear them but not see them.  Banjo also likes to nibble the leaves of any plant he can reach inside the house.



FOSTER CARE UPDATE – WEEK 1 (Banjo went back for another stint at foster care – 23rd March 2021)

Banjo has settled in well.  He gets along well with Maya and quickly learnt to use the dog door.  He knows not to eat human food but hopefully gets very close.  He appears to be confident but I think underneath he is a little insecure.  He quickly attached himself to me and when he was shut out of the bedroom he cried a little bit.  He also cries when he is shut out of the lounge.  He stays with us all the time we are in the garden.  He seems to be afraid of things he doesn’t understand.  When G came in the door he happily greeted him but when he left the bedroom in the dark Banjo gave a bark, then a growl.  Next morning he was fine and after a Schmako everyone was friends. He would not be suitable to live with children because he barks very loudly at them.  When he is resting he does not like to be suddenly disturbed.  He will give a little growl. He also barked at the fireworks but was not distressed by them.

I haven’t seen aggression.  The growl is alarming but the barking reminds me of how they bark at their own reflection in the glass at night.  He was barking endlessly at the two year old through the glass on the porch.  We couldn’t hear ourselves speak so without thinking I slightly opened the door and held him to quieten him and he just stood there before pulling away and barking again.  When the child moved away from the window he could still see her but stopped barking.



Banjo is becoming quite a smoochy boy.  He loves having his ears rubbed.  He is quite curious and has his nose in as soon as a cupboard door is opened.  He loves to sniff along the fence lines when out walking but doesn’t hold us up by stopping.  The faster he goes the more he can sniff.  So far he hasn’t chewed anything, not even my shoes which I left out overnight  and  he knows what stay means now.



Banjo doesn’t like children very much so when I have children over Banjo has stays quietly in another part of the house where he can get outside.  Apart from that he is no different to any other greyhound.  He bonded very quickly with me in the first week and he doesn’t seem jumpy anymore.  He doesn’t seem to mind adults coming in, last night he tried to get my adult daughter to play with him.  He would need his new owners to go very patiently with him until he gets used to the new routine and different noises.

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