Race name: Fernando Bolt
Date of birth: 03/12/2015


Banjo has been doing really well! He is very happy to keep to himself but loves a good pat if you offer one. I have hardly had any issues with him at all.   We have gone for a walk every day and he has been left at home alone both inside and outside.  We have driven in the car and played with the toys.

Banjo is a great eater, not at all fussy.  He sleeps through the night and always on his bed, never tries to get on the furniture.  He isn’t interested in bench surfing and he doesn’t like shoes!  He sits down in the car almost instantly.

He walks quite well on the lead but does zig zag a bit.  He had a few toilet accidents inside for the first few days but that seems to have stopped as he is getting better at signaling when he wants to go outside.

Banjo is very interested in the chickens and needs to be under a close watch when he is near them.  He is fine if he can hear them but not see them.  Banjo also likes to nibble the leaves of any plant he can reach inside the house.


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