Race name: Fiery Peta
Date of birth: 14/06/2016

Bea is a sweet girl, she is greying before her time and looks old but she isnt. She is an affectionate girl. Bea prefers her own space when it comes to other dogs and acts like she is Queen Bea and gives them a mild growl to move away. She does not actively seek to be aggressive just likes to be left alone. Bea will be best suited to a home where she is an only child.

Bea is comfortable around busy traffic and easy to walk. She is very calm and settled when in the lounge room and is a master in getting in and out of the car herself, she is getting more confident on the stairs and will be a pro at them in no time.

Bea has a possible home waiting after her desexing recovery is complete.

Available for adoption: