Race name: Big Ninja
Date of birth: 27/04/2018


Bens first week in foster care is going well, he is learning the new house rules quite quickly.  He has joined in on a group walk, met some small children – no issues there but just doesn’t realise his size (Ben is a BIG boy).  He also attended a family BBQ and considering how much he LOVES his food he wasn’t too badly behaved.

He has had no accident inside.  He accepted his new surroundings and is very relaxed.  He has a gentle and loving nature and doesn’t mind being patted whilst eating and allows you to remove his food bowl.  He is improving on waiting on his bed when he is told and he travels OK in the car but can stand for quite some time before relaxing and laying down.

Ben does counter surf which is very easy for him considering his size and although he is not allowed on the furniture will sneak onto the chair for nap.



Ben continues to do well in foster care.  This week he has met with many human visitors of all shapes and sizes.  He has walked around the streets at different times of the day and even visited Karate Dojo.  He has stayed off the furniture and chosen himself a bed.  He came up to the bedroom gate and cried to let us know he needed to go to the toilet during the night.  He is very gentle in taking treats from your hands.

He responds well to commands, good to walk but can lean on you a bit.  Whilst walking beside you on his own he walks beautifully however if in a group he will start off pulling quite strongly before settling after around 15 minutes.  He is learning to wait at doors until he is invited in or out.  Had three “accidents” inside the house and does thinks that any food at his level is his including what is in your hands.




Ben is a very gentle boy who can quite easily (unintentionally) knock you off balance or knock you over.  His nature is perfect for kids but given his size might not be suitable for smaller children.  Ben does need another dog for company and an active family would suit him best as he does like to check out new things and loves to join in.  Ben has learnt the following commands:  Wait, Bed, Back, Out of the kitchen, No, Ok as well as hand gestures – pointing and stop.  Ben does still need work to stop counter surfing as well as jumping into the car.   Ben is such a lovely calm boy who is quite content to let life just slip quietly by.  I have found nothing that unsettles him.