Race name: NA - did not race
Date of birth: 06/01/2019

Week 1 – Foster Care summary

Benny is doing great; he’ll be an excellent pet. He snoozes on his bed most of the time. Played with a toy a few times. He was in the garage back room on a raised bed with outside access yesterday morning for several hours while I was out. Suzie kept him company. He preferred his warm coat on before settling. About to go for a walk; he ate a few handfuls of dry food at breakfast and the last few days ate more at lunch. I’m out a few hours again today and back at 1:30. Alone time, he is quiet. He has been inside for a few minutes alone, no problems (met me at the door wagging his tail). He is a smart boy. The main meal is fed outside on lead so I can take him directly to the grass to toilet straight away. Eats breakfast and lunch inside by putting it next to him on the bed (while keeping my food loving girl away with her own food).

First night hand fed almost two cups dry food on his bed (small amounts at a time).
Night two: ate full meal (3 mugs Eukamuba dry food with a bit of chicken mince mixed in).

Day 2 (first full day) attempted to get on couch. “Ah ah ah!” and nudged off, eventually he got the idea and lay down (tempted by human’s lunch after he had eaten some of his own food).

Jumps a little at strangers in happiness but holding his collar prevents it. He likes to lick your face if close enough! Most of the time just stands for pats.

Benny accepted strangers calmly straight away entering the house. He returned to his bed.

Benny goes to the door and bows indicating he needs to toilet. Prefers a walk to poop. Late evening he indicated at the bedroom door by making a small noise.
Lying awake panting also indicated he needs to go out.

Bench surfing dog food. Investigated, did not eat (couldn’t quite reach). Keeping food out of sight to prevent that when unsupervised.

Anxious of lawn mowers. Friendly towards small puppy. Walks well (wending a bit, walks in front most of the time). Sleeps all night with his thick coat on in the bedroom with door closed.

Benny seems quite interested in other dog breeds (tries to go say hello, needs lead to be held securely but that’s the case of all) and tries to run after a vehicle with barking dogs. Ignores barking dogs in houses. Ignores plovers swooping at us from above but keen on wildlife in bushes.

Benny noticed things in the distance such as this morning he saw a lady working in her garden ahead, behind a low fence. Wagged his tail before we even got there. Friendly towards a kid too.

(**Benny does have an undiagnosed eye condition, he is waiting for the borders to open so that the eye specialists from Victoria can confirm his condition.** It is good to hear from his Foster Carer that he sees things in the distance).


Benny Foster Summary Report 2021

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