Race name: Barbados Boy
Date of birth: 16/07/2017


Betta has shown really good improvement on the lead, he is relaxed, unfazed by surrounding noises and walks calmly next to you – He can tend to zig zag between left and right when a smell interests him. Overall very good on the lead little to no pulling.  When he starts to zig zag between left and right, we hold his lead closer towards us so he walks closer to our body. We also revert his attention to something else, this seems to aid in helping him understand to walk on one side of the footpath.

Betta has been a very good boy when it comes to house training. He understands No, Stay and Wait. He is very interested in food and loves to stand in the kitchen to see what you are cooking. We are slowly teaching him to wait on his bed while we eat and to not be in the kitchen. He is getting very good at waiting on his bed especially when we feed him morning and night.  We have begun to teach him to not jump on the bed or couches.  Betta can be rather obsessed with food. With guidance he is beginning to understand he needs to wait on his bed while we eat and to not barge for his food when we are putting it in his dish. He has improved wonderfully with this and with further training he will be able to be very patient when it comes to food.

Betta has been on many walks, be particularly enjoys beach walks as he loves wading in the water.  He is very good in the car, lays down straight away and often falls asleep.  He sleeps right through the night and waits for you to take him out in the morning to go to the toilet, will move to the back door to let you know he needs to go out.  He has been left at home for short periods of time with no hassle, tends to fall asleep in his bed until we get home.  He loves playing, walks well and is unbothered by nearby dogs, cars or cyclists.  Doesn’t bark at all, and has interacted with smaller dogs and met with a group of greyhounds on a walk, at first was sure but soon opened up.

Betta  knows his bed and is good to go there when instructed to unless there is food involved.  He sometimes will not get out of the rooms as first however is improving.  When housemates are eating he can invade their personal space and will not go straight to bed as instructed, has begun to learn to “wait” on his bed.  Betta does occasionally bench surf and keeps his eye on the bench to try and poach something if no one is looking.


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