Race name: Tah Bob
Date of birth:

Bob is heading off to Foster care for three weeks on Friday and will be ready after the 12th June to adopt. Bob now has a meet and greet booked when he has finished his time in foster care.

Bob is a very quiet boy who is very casual. Bob spent one night in a home but sadly a family member was severe allergic reaction and Bob had to come back to find another home. He is calm and friendly with other dogs and quiet with children, Bob is ready to find another Adopt self foster or foster care home.

This is what the family said about him in the short time they had him.

  • Calm, sniffs a lot but touches nothing you wouldn’t want him to
  • Can’t see the fly screen or glass door ??
  • Counter surfs but understood “no“
  • Wasn’t interested in our food when eating, just slept
  • Was a little interested in cups of tea and the oven (just to be aware of)
  • Coped well on a hard floor that we thought he would slip on
  • Loved to look outside
  • Mirrors were confusing
  • Didn’t like someone lying next to him
  • Whines and walks to door to wee
  • Struggled in open sleeping arrangement – understandably
  • Walks well
  • Great in the car


ADOPTION – Self Foster

Adoption – Self Foster is where you adopt and undertake the role of fostering yourself, meaning that your dog learns the rules in your home from the start. They settle in and start to bond with you and learn exactly what you want them to. If things aren’t the right fit then you have 28 days to find that out and you return them to the program along with a completed foster report and receive a full refund and you have helped transition a greyhound to a pet home and gathered information that will assist us to find the right home for them. You will receive a collar, lead, muzzle and coat plus the adoption fee is reduced if you foster adopt.



The reason behind Gaptas fostering a greyhound out prior to offering them for adoption is to prepare them for the many different situations & experiences they will encounter in their new life as a pet. The other aim of foster care is to gauge & provide feedback on the dogs temperament and responses to different situations to determine the most appropriate home to suit the dog. The entire foster period is an information gathering phase as well as setting firm rules and boundaries to help the greyhound transition.

To help the dog along we ask of the following in foster care.

  • House training
  • Sleeping on their own bed
  • Walking calmly on lead
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Get in and out of a car
  • Alone time
  • Basic commands – No, On your bed, Wait

Available for adoption: