Race name: Brook Vista
Date of birth: 01/08/2017


Snugglepot Brook is delightful! She is easy to have in the house – quiet and responsive. She knows her name, has had no accidents inside and sleeps all night. This first week has seen her a little unsure. She follows us around whenever she can and is only just starting to wind this back. She has been nervous about eating if she is left alone, so we sit beside her and she has not eaten breakfast. This has just started to change now that she is building confidence and knows the routines. Her appetite has increased greatly in the last few days! She found it hard to settle on her bed in the living room and so she has slept on her bed closer to us. We will start transitioning her from this and back into the living room soon. Brook likes to play with toys, likes being outside and enjoys the company of our greyhound. They are quite peaceful together, although if he does something she does not like, she is prepared to growl. She is fine with our small dog also. Brook walks well on the lead, likes to have a sniff and perks up at the sight of wallabies. Initially, with the sheep and alpacas, Brook would run to the fence and bark – now she just goes for a look when they are close. Brook will wait at a door when instructed and responds to no. She is gradually becoming more responsive to the instruction to be on her bed. Her food can be removed when she is eating. Brook has been left alone for short periods of time, both inside the house and in a courtyard. There were no issues. While Brook will sniff around the kitchen bench, she has not taken food from it. However, if food were left where she could reach it, Brook would take it. Again, she is responding to no in relation to this. On her first trip in the car, Brook was very nervous – shaking. However, the second time she was much better, although she will not jump in – we have had to lift her.

Brook is a sweetie who would love to have a home that was filled with cuddles and scratches!



Brook continues to be settled in the house and is more comfortable with the routines. She likes to chill on her bed or on the floor close to where we are. Brook is now eating well and making up for lost time! This week we have seen Brook go to the door when she wants to go outside. She likes to wander around the yard and watch what is going on in the distance. Brook relates well to our small dog and is relaxed with our greyhound. They have been left together, alone, for small periods of time and that has been fine. However, when left alone, she will sometimes whine. On walks, Brook is good on the lead, occasionally walking across in front. On a short lead, she walks beside you. Brook is friendly towards strangers and dogs she does not know. In the house, she is inquisitive and is not worried by appliances such as the vacuum cleaner. We are starting to see more of her personality – more play and a bit of sock collecting! Brook responds well to direction, but in relation to human food, this often needs to be repeated before she will move away. She has not attempted to take any food, but if the opportunity arose, she would probably give it a shot. Brook is still nervous about the car. She will not jump in unaided, although she will jump out. I am in the back with her as she will not yet sit down without prompting and assistance. She is fine on ordinary stairs, but will not go up open back steps.

Brook will experience a stint at the beach soon, so hopefully that is fun for her! She is a delightful pup, loves a good smooch and cuddle and would benefit from a home that can provide some company at times through the day.




Brook has continued to be settled. She is eating normally, still sleeping all night and has improved in the car, especially if she is in the cargo section. While she will not jump up independently, she sits on her bed and travels well. Brook has visited a beach this week, socialised with some other dogs, visited another house and learnt to climb stairs in a house. Initially, Brook would not go up the stairs unaided, but after a couple of days, she showed great improvement. She would walk up and down the stairs unaided if we were beside her and occasionally, went by herself. This is work in progress. Being in an unfamiliar place meant that Brook was again a little uncertain, but she adjusted  after a day or so. Brook was relaxed on the beach and fine with the water. Other dogs on the beach were no issue for her. Brook spent some time playing with a child – she was gentle and tolerant, and was relaxed with strangers. Over the course of the week, Brook has become more confident and is continuing to respond to instructions and her name. She loves going outside to look around and play and will often go to the door to be let out. We have not been successful in coaxing her through the dog door unaided, but she will go through if the flap is lifted up. Brook is a lovely dog who will do well in a home!


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