Race name: Hold This
Date of birth: 16/02/2018


Bruce has been on walks around the suburb, interacted with kids, visited karate, been left home alone with three other greyhounds and been subjected to the house rules.  He is easy to walk, he travels well in the car, he is good around people (including kids), allows you to handle him whilst he is eating and is gentle when receiving treats.  He is learning to wait on his bed before his meal, he has had a couple of accidents (marking?) inside and is being taught he needs to wait at the door to go in and out.  Bruce isn’t great at getting into the car (lazy) and he doesn’t like to go outside when he is told, if you clip on a lead then he is fine.  Bruce is proving to be a very gentle, lovely boy who is very relaxed and accepting.




Bruce has been on evening walks and on a group walk.  He is good at waiting at the door to go in or out and will wait on his bed for meals.  He will get up and go to the door when told “outside”.  He has had one accident inside the house and he wont jump into the car (lazy).



FOSTER CARE UPDATE – Final Foster Evaluation Report

Bruce allows you to withdraw food from him or touch him whilst he is eating with no reaction.  He is a friendly and calm dog around adults, children and other dogs.  He is a very relaxed and accepting, there are no concerns around his nature he is a very gentle and lovely boy.  Bruce would fit into a home with people of any age however he would NOT be suited as an only dog.  He walks beautifully on lead, happy to walk beside you and waits when told.  In the car he settles and sits quietly but jumping into the car is still an issue.  Sometimes he will put front paws up but then you have to scoop up the back end and lift, this is just laziness.   Overall he is a lovely boy who adapts easily to any environment.

Available for adoption: