Race name: Buster Emery
Date of birth: 11/02/2016

Buster has a home waiting after Foster Care.



Buster has spent some time indoors and some time outdoors in the backyard.  He is inside overnight but has spent two nights outside.  He has gone on local neighborhood walks to various locations and settings and for rides in the car.

He is good overnight (10pm to 6.30am) alone in a closed room.  He will play with toys a little but doesn’t touch the household items at all.  He walks nicely on lead most of the time.  He settled when he was left outside for over three hours.  He will avoid other dogs if he can.

He will pull in a new setting and when he is about to go to the toilet.  He jumps at the doorways but responds to the threat of a water bottle.  Likes to barge out of doors but is learning to stop.  He is not keen to get in the car but a high value treat works magic!!  He possibly has sleep startle.

Overall Buster is going very well.




Buster has been left alone indoors and outdoors for up to four hours.  He has been on neighborhood walks including the beach, the bush and a dog park.  He has been on car rides and on group walks.  He has had extended time indoors as part of his normal routine and met some wildlife and loose dogs.  He is perfectly fine left alone both indoors and outdoors.  He has made no attempts to get on the furniture and is polite around food.  He is pleasant to walk, he mainly walks on a loose lead.  He is good overnight but whines at 5.30am when he takes himself out to the toilet, he will wander about until the door is opened for him.  He does still need a treat to get into the car and is a bit rough in doorways, but ok.  Can be a bit protective of himself and his bed – if the other dog comes near him.  He prefers to be kept away from other dogs – he will stand close and gets a bit excitable if they move too quickly.

He is a lovely boy.


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