Race name: Magic Whistler
Date of birth: 23/02/2016


Charlie is doing well. He doesn’t jump, he doesn’t bark, he doesn’t lick, he is a perfect little boy. He doesn’t need toilet training at all.  He can hold his bladder the whole night, we have had no accidents at all.  Charlie walks nicely on lead, we have met different dogs and he’s gentle with everybody.  He doesn’t have a nasty bone in him at all. My dog has been mean to him, if it’s food or toys, if my dog wants it, Charlie gives it to her. Charlie has been a real gentleman.  Charlie does love the sofa,  if no one is around he takes himself up onto the sofa. He stole his first Tofu dumping on the first day with us, this has been the only “bad behavior” we have seen.




Charlie got more familiar with going down and up stairs as well as getting in and out of the car.   He has become more out-going and excited when we or our dogs play with him. We had two Labradors with us during Easter, one of them is a 7 month old puppy. Charlie got along with them. When we travel with him, he just lies on the backseat quietly.  Charlie still steals food when no one is around and he has no interest in toys but will play with tissues.