Race name: N/A
Date of birth: 28/04/2018

Charlotte was adopted under the “adoption Self Foster” option. She was living in the home with another GAP greyhound for three weeks learn inside house rules etc. Given her age and the fact Charlotte didn’t race she is still very much a puppy and acts and plays like one. This is what the previous owner had to say about her;


She is good with her food, but will try and go eat the other dogs food so fed separate. She is a very friendly girl and could be too much for smaller children so 10+ would be better. She is keenly aware when other dogs are around and gets very excited and sometimes may bark, she needs a firm hand on the lead to contain her. More work is need to stop her from counter surfing, pawing at doors and going outside to go to the toilet.

Charlotte is more relaxed when on her own, however she did take things off the bookshelf, dust pan and broom and chewed at a chair, so as I said she is very puppy like. She has no aggression, and we were working on the naughty behaviour with a firm NO

At Gap Charlotte learns how to navigate the stairs and jump up into a car and spend time in the lounge room and socialize with the little dogs.

Available for adoption: