Race name: Classy Codie
Date of birth: 14/05/2018


Codie is a lovely girl.  She has fitted into family life well.  Codie did get a bit overwhelmed on the greyhound walk and started to growl at the other greys when they got in her space but settled quickly when we moved her away.  She loves kids and interacts well with them as well as adults but does still lick hands and faces too much.

Codie has been left alone (with Buddy the greyhound) both inside and outside.  She has been on lots of walks including in a group walk with 9 other greyhounds.  We have walked to a cafe and waited for coffee.  Travelled in the car and met different children and adults.

Codie has not yet had an accident inside and she is not aggressive at all when fed or in play.  She walks well on a lead and sleeps in her bed.

Codie will still come into the kitchen when she is shooed out.  Doesn’t wait before going through a door, she knows her bed but wont always stay on it.  Does still jump on the furniture.  She is a slight kleptomaniac stealing slippers and toys and has been known to have a dig in the garden.




Overall Codie is doing so well.  She has settled in beautifully to family life.  She is absolutely terrific with the kids, and Buddy (greyhound) and has had Maggie (Staff x border collie) visit, and she has visited her house with no major concerns.  The first time with the muzzle on she growled a bit, but settled quickly and the second time they were like old mates. Codie is sweet and affectionate giving great chatters when she is happy!  She is easy to feed, with no issues with Buddy eating alongside her.  I have taken her bowl away with no problems at all.  Codie has been left alone (with Buddy) inside and outside for a whole day and both times no damage and no accidents inside.  Codie loves her morning walks and is great on the lead with Buddy, waiting to cross roads and not getting upset by passing traffic.  Codie is quite high energy and likes to be with people the whole time, and is a bit of a shadow.  She is very sweet and chatters with pats.  We took Codie to the beach yesterday and she loved it, jumping the waves and swimming in the ocean. It was a very busy day and there were lots of dogs off leash and Codie coped fine with it, not growling at all.  The only downside to Codie is the digging in the garden!  Oh and maybe the love licks she likes to give you – especially when putting your shoes on.  Codie would make an amazing addition to a family who is able to exercise her daily and not leave her alone too much.


Codie knows her bed and “out” when told to go out of the room.  She has had no accidents in the house and allows you to take the food bowl away.  Is happy to eat side by side with Buddy our greyhound.  She barks when she wants to go out to the toilet and has been protective of the yard barking a couple of times at strangers.  She walks really well on the lead interacting well with other dogs.  She is very affectionate and happy.  She can growl initially sometimes at other dogs and can be a bit jumpy when small dogs in yards bark at her out on our walk.  She is a licker and will sometimes come into the kitchen when she is not invited.  She stole the door mat and cushions from the outdoor furniture and took them to the front lawn when bored, she did not damage them at all.  She is still a pup and has high energy in the morning so doesn’t give you a sleep in!


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