Race name: Whoop Bang
Date of birth: 13/08/2014

Des met with a potential new family on Friday who decided to adopt him after he has spent some time in foster care.

Whilst Des has been at GAP he has been learning to jump into the car, walk up and down stairs and he gets to chill out in the lounge room with the toys. Part of the socialisation and enrichment that the greyhounds receive at GAP as well as hang out with our dogs of other breeds.


Des has only just begun to show us his personality.  He was very reserved but now greets us happily when we get home.  He is quite happy to stay home by himself but will not use the dog door unless I rest my hand on his collar.  He will take himself out to the toilet but if the door is shut he will do just do it inside.  He is not interested in our food and usually does not even bother to come into the dining room, even though Maya (husky) is there.  He hasn’t really learnt any words because he is already doing what I want him to do. He is quiet on walks and does not show much interest in other dogs. He settles quickly in the car.

Available for adoption: