Race name: Sassy Vista
Date of birth: 01/08/2017


Dinah has been on walks to the beach, paddock and into the town.  She has gone to a cafe and met a number of other dogs.  She has settled well into her room and got along with our other dogs.  She has also been left outside by herself and with our other dogs.  Dinah knows her bed and sleeps well.  She is a friendly easy going dog who is happy and very affectionate.  She allows us to take her food away and she gets on well with other dogs and strangers.  She can sometime be a shadow and even though she knows she is not allowed in the kitchen she will try at times, she did have a couple of slips on the floor but has adjusted well.  Dinah needs a bit more work on stairs, she can walk down them but refuses to walk up them without assistance.  She can cry at times when she is demanding attention and she is a little investigator wanting to stick her nose in everything.


Available for adoption: