Race name: Divina Vista
Date of birth: 01/08/2017


Diva has settled in and learnt the house rules, she has met visitors both adults and children (3 year old and above).  She has been on walks around the suburb in which she walks well.  She has had no accidents at all and she will cry when she wants to go out to the toilet.  She waits for her food and allows you to take it away from her.  She is very easy to handle, loves attention and is very gentle.  She wont always go back to bed when she is told and she is still learning to wait at the door before going in and out.  She is very cautious and stairs and will not walk on the shiny floor surfaces, I have been using non-slip socks on her and taking her for “walks” around the house. She is progressing very slowly, so this will take time.

This little girl is a beauty, if she was a horse I would call her “bomb proof”.  She accepts any company and is gentle in her attention, she can be a bit of a stickybeak so when she gets her confidence up on the flooring issue she will be a constant presence with you.




This week we went on the Greyt Company Launceston walk and went into the town.  Diva loves human interaction and will seek it out, she has no problem at all jumping into the car.  She is starting to venture off the mat and onto the floor boards.



Diva is a beautiful, calm girl and I have no concerns with her at all.  She can pull strongly at the start of a walk but then walks quietly.  She will jump in the car no problems and will wait until she is told ok to jump out (keep telling her wait).  She is slowly getting there with navigating the slippery floors and stairs, just needs more time to get her confidence up.

Diva has a tender, gentle and loving nature, she loves to be with you so if you disappear out of sight she will get up and follow you.  She is a very sweet girl who will put a smile on your face.  She is an affectionate girl who is the very faithful, she will make a lovely addition to any family.

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