Race name: More Champagne
Date of birth: 28/04/2018

We are not currently taking adoption enquiries on Dolly.

Dolly has completed her three weeks in foster care.

Dolly is very good to walk, she will stop when told and comfortably walks beside you on a short lead.  She responds well to basic commands such as No, Bed, Wait, Ok.  She is a friendly little girl who loves to snuggle up to you but does need a home with another dog for company as she can suffer separation anxiety.  Dolly travels well in the car (however getting her in the car can be a struggle!), gets along well with all people and dogs.  She’s not a huge fan of other dogs getting too close to her when playing with her toys but a stern NO works.  Dolly can be a little destructive, she ripped a jumper and some bedding in foster care but she is still a pup so to be expected, has been known to steel shoes!  Dolly goes to her bed when told and has stopped wandering around at night as much as she did when she first arrived.

During her foster care Dolly was left home alone with three other dogs, spent time as an only dog, learnt new house rules, been on road trips to the beach.  No accidents inside, can take the food bowl away, not counter surfed and not jumped on the furniture.



Available for adoption: