Race name: Flash Vibe
Date of birth: 12/10/2017


Dumbo has been left both inside and outside alone for a few minutes and with another greyhound.  He was outside in the garage/backroom with deck access with my greyhound for several hours.  He has been on walks around the street and to the beach which includes going up and down stairs.  He stood still watching a small moving dog in the distance, met a whippet at close range calmly and saw medium size dogs pass him while he watched calmly.  He has no problems going up or down stairs and responds well to praise/encouragement.    He is a very friendly dog with strangers – he wags his tail asking for pats.  Dumbo has had no accidents inside, he will go to the front door silently to be let out.  He has started to play with toys and allows you to take his food bowl away and pat him.  Dumbo will prance around the back door and raise his paw to indicate he wants the door opened.  He knows his bed and will rest independently in the bedroom while the human and other greyhound are in the lounge room.  He sleeps in the bedroom on a dog bed with the door closed.  He can become excited and will stand next to my greyhound on walks when he needs reassurance, he doesn’t like to eat first thing of a morning but will eat around lunchtime.



Dumbo has met kids and adults with bicycles and been left alone both inside and outside with my greyhound for several hours.  He is a clean dog inside with no accidents.  He is happy to be outside with his fleece coat on in the cool weather.  He likes to play with his toys before sleeping in the back room for the morning while I am out.  He sleeps all night in the bedroom with the door closed and has no problems on the steps at the beach.  Dumbo did get a bit anxious about a passing scooter/skateboard.  Dumbo can jump up with initial excitement meeting strangers but if you hold the lead short it prevents him jumping and will settle quickly. He has shown somewhat sleep startle so I separated his bed from my greyhounds bed.  He did get a bit anxious about the vacuum cleaner so I have been putting him outside or in another room to avoid stressing him.


FOSTER CARE UPDATE – Final Foster Report

Dumbo allows you to withdraw food from him whilst eating with no reaction.  I do feed him separately to my greyhound but no aggression shown when either dog eats any leftovers.  He is a friendly dog towards adults, children and other dogs.  I feel Dumbo may prefer dog company as he does settle better with my greyhound rather than being on his own.  He would make a good family dog however would need someone strong enough holding the lead.  He does walk quietly but sometimes pulls if he sees a cat.  He slept inside at night and was very settled.  He is housetrained and has shown no aggressive behavior.


Available for adoption: