Race name: Lake Temple
Date of birth: 19/03/2017


Franky is gorgeous, quite playful but very polite and enjoys his walks.

He has spent time indoors both daytime and overnight and spent time outside alone and with company.  We walked locally to the beach, along paths and main roads both alone and with company.  He travels well in the car and plays well with my greyhound.

Franky walks gently on the lead and is good in company.  He hops up in the car readily and travels lying down.  Good overnight and alone outside during the day.  House trained – will hang on from 10pm to 7am.  He is a happy, friendly and polite boy around the house.

Does like to collect soft things – cushions, bedding, clothes, tea towels but then leaves them – no damage.  Was a bit shy at first but now a little too exuberant meeting new people and new dogs.  Will tend to jump on the sofa or bed when he is excited but all going well so far.




This week we have been on challenging neighborhood walks, along building sites, beach walks with barking dogs and bush walks with more terrain and wildlife smells.  Franky has been left inside alone for extended times.  He has been visiting other peoples houses and been allowed to greet other dogs on walks.

He stays in his own room overnight.  He is cautious and sensible when walking in difficult spots.  He is friendly to other dogs, mostly polite and has no problems being inside or outside.  He is good in the car, gentle with people and polite inside the home.  Did try and chase a cheeky bandicoot but responded well.

Franky can be inconsistent with his greeting.  He may jump and spin or bark and try to put his paws up on people.  He is safe but provocative.  Will collect tea towels and jumpers leaving them all around the house.



Franky allows you to withdraw food from him with no reaction, he is friendly towards adults and children.  Sometimes inconsistent around meeting dogs.  He is either calm or way too friendly.  He still needs support when meeting unknown dogs and around loose dogs – prefers to be kept at a distance, he is not aggressive but will engage in friendly barking and jumping if not managed.  I would recommend avoiding close contact with unknown dogs until he is more settled.  I believe Franky would suit a home with children or elderly people, he appears also to be suitable in a home as an only dog.    He is good on a lead and travelling in the car.  He understands basic commands such as wait, on your bed and no however will still get up on the sofa.