Race name: Giant Valley
Date of birth: 11/02/2015


Giant is a big gentle giant he’s not very tall he’s chubby or very cuddly as we tell him. He has been very well looked after in retirement. He is a happy sweet boy will be ready for self foster adoption after he has recovered from his vet work this week. He has passed his small dog assessments but is not cat social.

Giant is off to foster care this week 17/6 if you would like to meet Giant after he has finished his three week in foster care please contact us at to arrange a meet and greet.

You will be able to read his weekly foster updates here on his profile to see how he is going.

Prior to foster care, or being adopted without going into foster care, the dogs at GAP have training done with them to help them adjust to pet life. We teach them to jump in and out of different parts of the car unassisted, walk up and down stairs and come into the lounge room and choose the bed and not the couch. We have the TV on and vacuum to get them used to different noises.


Giant settled in vary easily and was readily accepted by Maya. She is extremely relaxed around him. He is quite a smoochy fellow and I think if I sat on the couch he would do his best to get on my knee.  He had no trouble going down the stairs but needed me to walk beside him for a few days like a little child needing reasurance.  We have only had a couple of accidents inside but he hasn’t quite got the idea he can take himself outside without me reminding him. When we went to the supermarket he was asleep when I got back to the car.  He doesn’t get up in the morning till I take him his breakfast at 9.00.  A baby wren had flown into his room and he was still in bed.  He has a bed near the heater and the day it was raining he didn’t move till 3.00. He’s quite laid back, not pushy and happily does what I ask.



Giant a.k.a. Smooch pooch, is very easy going.  He seems to take everything in his stride.  He obeys all instructions.  He does get over excited when visitors come so for this reason he has not been tested on small children because he will knock them over but I’m sure if he could be left to settle down he would be fine.  He pulls a little on his lead but otherwise walks very quietly.  He doesn’t take much interest in the surroundings, just happily plods along.  He has never tried to get on the couch or the bench and understands that when humans are eating it’s not for him.  He has been caught chewing on a brush but it had been left on the floor.  He has never taken anything off the coffee table.





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