Race name: Groovy
Date of birth: 31/01/2016


AT GAP: Groovy can be excitable to start with but settles. He is calm and relaxed on his walks and is confident around traffic. He is also confident walking up and down the stairs and gets in and out of the car unassisted. He has learned to be calm in the training lounge room. Groovy has been socialising with all the different breeds and sizes of dogs, he has not shown reaction so far to the sheep but does find cats quite interesting and we wouldn’t recommend him joining a cat home at this point.

Groovy has now completed his initial 3 weeks in foster care. He would be perfect for someone who wants to do some training with him and continue working on his manners.  He is a confident boy but can just be a bit silly.  Groovy is now available.




When Groovy arrived he was like a 3 year old boy on red cordial in a toy shop. He ate two bowls of food and Maya’s too. He eats so fast he has to have his kibble wet or he makes himself cough. He has no fear, went down the stairs and out the dog door straight  away and took himself in and out all day.  He has only had one accident inside which I caught straight away.  He is quite food obsessed so the spray bottle is out when I am in the kitchen.  I only have to use it twice and he has got the message.  Just to have it in my hand is enough.  He seems to think this house is here for his benefit so pushes his way around.  He has got quite a lot of learning to do but is a very quick learner.  He has nearly got the idea that there are some rooms he is not allowed into and is also learning that standing quietly beside someone gets him a better cuddle than jumping on them and licking all over their face.  Because of his excitement I thought he would be difficult to walk but he is very quiet and just walks along a little ahead of me. He was very good with the five year old grandson but I think he would chew toys if they were left on the floor. He does not like being shut outside. He bashes on the door but was happy to be alone all day if he could get in and out. He is a bit bossy with Maya and with me, he will push his way through to get to where he needs to go.

He was down stairs where the dogs like to chill out and Groovy had a massive fail on trying to sleep on the chair.


Groovy has a big personality. He is enthusiastic about everything and everything is fun.  This causes him to sometimes forget his manners and he will push past people and dogs or step over them instead of going around.  He is quite food obsessed so must be  fed alone. 

He loves to play with his toys and is happy to toss them around by himself if no one can play with him.  When out walking he completely ignored the poodle when we stopped to talk and was not at all phased by the postman’s motorbike.  He is getting used to the household routine so is not so curious as he was. 

He loves visitors and goes quite stupid so a lot of training needs to be done here.  He does settle quite quickly though.  A calm manner at all times with him is needed because of his enthusiasm.  He is very obedient.  It doesn’t matter what he is about to do, a very firm no will stop him immediately. 

He learns very quickly and I think he could be taught almost anything.  (Maybe not to keep off the couch if no one is looking).


Groovy really needs someone who can be consistently firm with him.  He gets over excited when someone comes into the house and also if he is getting patted he still wants to jump up however he does stop if I turn my back .

He doesn’t usually counter surf but if he thinks there is food there then he will.  He is good when I am cooking but he really needs to be taught to stay out of the kitchen all together.  He would love a dog to play with but he does play rough so would need to be a bigger dog and maybe a younger dog who would be tolerant of him as he nips in play and does not respect another dogs space.  

He might be calmer if he didn’t feel like he had to compete with another dog.  He definitely needs someone who will have the patience and understanding on how to train him further.  I think his household difficulties can definitely be overcome.


FOSTER CARE Second Round

Groovy has gone back to foster care to continue some more training in the home environment:


Week 1

What a difference three months training has made to Groovy.  I had to check his collar because I thought I had been given the wrong dog.  He now knows the world is not his alone to do whatever he wants.  He has learnt self control, boundaries and self discipline.  He is still very enthusiastic about everything and is a great sticky beak and everything is fun but he knows his limits.  He gets over excited when I come home but I stop at the door, turn my back, stand very still and quietly say calm and no and he calms down extremely quickly.  He can also be a nuisance wanting extended patting but when I’ve patted him long enough I turn away and say no more and he wanders away.  Sometimes he forgets his manners and rushes at but I loudly say no and remembers and stops.  He knows he is not allowed human food and doesn’t even bother to come into the dining room.  He can’t be trusted not to chew some things but overall is not destructive.  He would love a largish dog to boisterously play with (outside).  He likes small children but needs older ones who are taller and old enough to continue reinforcing his discipline.


Week 2

Groovy continues his good behavior.  He only gets over excited when he sees us first thing in the morning or when we get home or visitors arrive.  He loves visitors.  Turning your back and a firm no works wonders, even when the visitors say it.  I find it better to put him outside first and then let him in when they are settled.  (This gives me a chance to train them too.)  As long as his training continues to be reinforced and he is not allowed  to get away with anything he will continue to be a great dog.


Week 3

Groovy understands basic commands such as: in, out, off, no, toilet, stay, that’s all (in regards to pats!).  He allows you to withdraw food from him and touch him whilst eating, he is a big eater that will eat other dogs dinners if allowed.  He can by hyperactive at first towards adults but very friendly.  Calm towards other dogs.  He loves his ball and is almost bringing it back to me.  I would say a home with children 11 years old or above due to his size and strength would suit him and a large active home with plenty of interaction.  He needs someone to reinforce self control, a family must be on the same page and be consistent with his training and he will be fine.  He still gets on the couch!



The reason behind Gaptas fostering a greyhound out prior to offering them for adoption is to prepare them for the many different situations & experiences they will encounter in their new life as a pet. The other aim of foster care is to gauge & provide feedback on the dogs temperament and responses to different situations to determine the most appropriate home to suit the dog. The entire foster period is an information gathering phase as well as setting firm rules and boundaries to help the greyhound transition.

To help the dog along we ask of the following in foster care.

  • House training
  • Sleeping on their own bed
  • Walking calmly on lead
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Get in and out of a car
  • Alone time
  • Basic commands – No, On your bed, Wait