Race name: Lashing Harry
Date of birth: 12/08/2015

Harry is a happy friendly boy who loves your attention. He is currently learning appropriate socialising with other dogs of all different shapes and sizes, Harry is confident around the sounds of busy traffic, he is good to take for a walk and is calm and relaxed, He is a bit cautious mastering walking up and down the stairs but growing in confidence everyday. when in the lounge room he is calm and settled but prefers to stand next to you for pats rather than lay on his bed. Harry is a master at getting in the car and loves to go for a drive.




Harry has settled in really quickly and is an absolute delight to have around

He has been excellent with his toilet training with no accidents inside at all.  Harry is a great eater that isn’t picky and allows you to handle his food without reacting.  He is very sociable with humans and isn’t at all interested in getting on the furniture instead hes quite content to stay on his bed, he is the perfect house guest.

The first two nights he did cry a few times during the night but has now got the hang of it and doesn’t make a fuss.  He was a bit unsure about being left outside alone, especially when he couldn’t see me but after giving him a bone to occupy him he soon forgot his worries.

Harry is interested in human food as well as his own and does need to be told firmly to leave food alone if it is on the table.  He walks perfectly on the lead until he sees a small dog and then he reacts by jumping and pulling on the lead trying to get closer.  He is a very strong dog that would need a strong owner.




This week Harry has met with some other greyhounds and gone for a walk with them, he has played with his toys, walked through busy areas, walked next to some bikes and even interacted with some ducks at the park.

He has continued to come out of his shell and sharing his bubbly friendly side to everyone he meets.  Harry will now signal to go to the toilet by waiting at the back door.  He is a super gentle dog and lets you touch him while he eats and while he is on his bed.  He really loves attention from humans.

Harry has improved with his walking.  He was always good at walking on a loose lead but he has now calmed down a lot when he sees small dogs.  He still can get excited for some though and jumps around and pulls on the lead to get near them.

Harry has got a bit comfortable and has started sitting on the couch when no one is looking.  He does however jump off as soon as he sees me.  He also likes to linger in the kitchen whilst food is being made.



Harry has progressed very well with his walking manners however he gets distracted easily so does need some more training in this area.  He understands general obedience commands such as WAIT, NO, GO TO BED, HEEL, BRING IT BACK but he will still try  and get on the furniture if no one is around.

Harry could happily slip into a family situation as he is very happy to keep himself entertained while his humans are at work, in return though the would like lots of affection and walks when they are around him.  He can still be a bit excited around small dogs so this will need to be continually monitored when out and about.

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