Race name: Gee Whiz Jack
Date of birth: 21/04/2018

Jack is a friendly and excitable boy, he is learning to introduce himself to dogs much smaller than himself in a more settled manner. Jack is a little anxious with the busy traffic but learning to be more confident, he enjoys walks but always on the lookout for something to interest him. He is calm and settled in the lounge room and likes to play with the toys. Jack is currently reluctant to walk up and down the stairs or get himself in the car unassisted, he is not afraid he just doesn’t feel like doing it. We will continue to work with Jack in preparation for a new home.



Jack is sleeping well, the first night he cried, barked and howled but that only lasted ten minutes and then he has been quiet ever since.  He is a big eater, will eat everything!  He has been walking every morning and getting much better in the pulling department.  He LOVES playing with his toy in both the house and in the yard.  He has been for a couple of car rides but is hard getting him in the car.  He has been left alone a few times and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  Although he is happy to be outside he does prefer to be inside.  He hasn’t had any toilet accidents at all.  I do have to tie him up whilst I cook my dinner or take him outside but he is getting better.  He can be quite pushing when coming into the house however I am getting him to “wait”.  He can be very strong and put the brakes on whilst out walking and he does bench surf if something catches his eye.



Jack has settled in now, he likes his bed, his toy, a walk and a sniff.  He had a visit from two young children and handled them well, kept trying to lick the 6 year old girl!  He eats well and is very interested in food.  He still doesn’t like to get into the car, travels OK but does pace a bit before sitting down, always keen to get out of the car.

He walks quite well but is very alert to any stimulation and ignores all commands.  He almost stops at streets when I tell him but is very strong and disobedient when something interests him on the other side of the road.  He doesn’t complain or cry when left alone in the backyard but he does prefer to be close to people.  He does wait at the internal doors when told but the back door is different and he will push you to be first out and first in.  He is very strong.

Jack does still bench surf, mainly for food and sometimes to steal small items.  He doesn’t take much notice when reprimanded, he is strong willed and strong physically.  He did chase a cat up the tree and remained there for ten hours watching it until the owners came and got it down!



Jack LOVES people.  He loves kids but he does want to jump up and small kids move a lot more which makes Jack want to play, even though he settles after 5 minutes I would recommend him with older children or teenagers for this reason.  He is calm and friendly with other dogs.  He is very strong willed but with more time and repetition of rules he should become more obedient.  Jack loves his bed and happy to spend time outside during the day.  Jack has shown an interest in bicycles zooming past and will pull hard on the lead, he will need a strong handler when walking for when something catches Jacks eye.

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