Race name: Ava Duck
Date of birth: 01/10/2017

Jinja will be available soon after desexing and health check is complete.


Jinja has spent some time in a home and was fostered by her trainer during her wind down period.

Jinja took awhile to settle inside and is very anxious with strangers.  She is good with a cross breed dog and no problems with other animals such as horses, sheep, etc however when the chooks or ducks flap their wings or move she gets interested.  She is good with food and allows me to take it away with no issues, goes to her bed when told.  Can bench surf and pinch food when not watching.  She spent more time in the house and became quite accustomed to it.  Few walks meeting human and doggie friends, very good on the lead and doesn’t pull.  She has mastered all types of floor surfaces including slippery lino, floor boards etc with  no fear at all.  Mastered the stairs and very good in the toilet department.  Jinjas only bad trait is that she loves her food and is very food orientated.  The impression I get is that she would be ok as an only dog if the human was around home a lot, if there isn’t I believe she would need a companion dog to keep her company. 




Available for adoption: