Race name: Lukey Mac
Date of birth:

Jolteon will enter foster care on the 15th of May, he has a home waiting after he has finished Foster Care.


Walks very calmly but moves from side to side on the path a little bit while walking . Loves sniffing everything and marking his territory during walks. Extremely well behaved and doesn’t show much interest in other dogs or people walking by. Only says hello to other dogs if they come up to him first and is quite timid around them. Listens to when we tell him to “wait” before crossing the road. Then we tell him ‘’Okay” and we cross. Has only pulled on the lead slightly when seeing ducks and native hens once. Was curious about them but didn’t bark or do anything naughty. 

He is quite timid and likes to follow you around a lot. Seems to love company and just wants to be near you but very content to spend most of the day on his bed snoozing while we are in the lounge room. Seems to like just being reassured that we are there and loves pats whenever they are given and will just stand next to you for as long as you want to pat him. Has had some alone time when we have been gone for an hour or so. No evidence of distress when we leave or return, just excited to have us home. Starting to get things in his mouth like an oven mitt or tea towel that has been hanging up in the kitchen and take it back to his bed. Telling him no when we catch him. Needs some more work to learn this is not okay. 

Been on walks- very well behaved. Been in the car. Very well behaved Been left alone several times. Seems to have gone well. 

Knows his bed, No toilet accidents. Good at letting us know when he needs to go to the toilet outside. Will go to the backdoor and wait for us to let him out. Not territorial about his food- will wait until he is told “okay” to eat, Walks well on the lead. Beautiful around small children. Likes to sniff them a lot and is very happy to have pats. Mostly very obedient and beautifully behaved. A delight to have in the house. 

Needs more gentle exposure to other dogs while walking- seems fairly nervous around them

Wants to sleep in our bedroom at night time and a couple of times has whined/barked/howled to be let in after he had been put to bed where he sleeps in the lounge room.  Had to be told off a couple of times and told to get back on his bed. Responded to this and hasn’t happened again.



The reason behind Gaptas fostering a greyhound out prior to offering them for adoption is to prepare them for the many different situations & experiences they will encounter in their new life as a pet. The other aim of foster care is to gauge & provide feedback on the dogs temperament and responses to different situations to determine the most appropriate home to suit the dog. The entire foster period is an information gathering phase as well as setting firm rules and boundaries to help the greyhound transition.

To help the dog along we ask of the following in foster care.

  • House training
  • Sleeping on their own bed
  • Walking calmly on lead
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Get in and out of a car
  • Alone time
  • Basic commands – No, On your bed, Wait