Race name: Lucy's Locket
Date of birth: 28/12/2015


Lucy settled in within a few days, walking residential streets and down to the beach.  She has stayed inside alone with another greyhound for a few minutes and outside alone with the greyhound for five hours.  Lucy was alone outside for up to three hours with no problems at all – in the garage/back room with raised beds, deck, grass and gravel access, the radio was left on inside.  Lucy has had no accidents inside, she is happy to be outside on her own lounging on the grass or deck.  She has had no problems with open wooden or metal type stairs at the beach and she is good with travelling in the car.  She has played with soft toys from the second day however she’s not a huge toy player.  She carry’s toys out from one room to another and plays for a few minutes.  Lucy allows you to take or move her food bowl away from her and pat her whilst she is eating.  Lucy has slept in the bedroom alone but checks in on the human from time to time in the other room.  When she is ready for a walk she paces about and bounces around wagging her tail getting excited.  This is her natural personality just be sure to keep her away from walls or other objects to prevent “happy tail” (where the tail hits hard objects too hard, causing it to bleed) – fortunately no issues thus far in foster care.  Lucy barked at my greyhound whilst inside but this was her trying to get her to play, she soon figured out the resident greyhound was not into playing so Lucy was sent outside to lounge on the grass.  She did growl when first meeting other greyhounds but then she is fine – this happened at home on the driveway and looking up at two placid boys in the car.  It appears to be more bossiness then ‘get out of my space’, she is trying to assert herself as boss.




Lucy has been alone outside at home for up to three hours.  She has two walks a day – 20 to 40 minutes in the morning and up to 20 minutes late afternoon.  We go around the streets or to the beach.  She has been alone outside while the human is home inside, she likes to lounge around on the grass.  Lucy has not had any accidents inside and she is more than happy to be outside, I have not observed any separation anxiety at all.  She is starting to recognise the phrase “on your bed”.  She comes up to me if she needs to go out to the toilet during the night.  Most of the time she slept through the night if its cool and she doesn’t have her coat on she may need to go out.  Its easier now the weather is getting cooler as she can wear a coat all night.  Lucy does tend to feel the heat in the warmer weather due to her thick fur coat.  She is also starting to understand “back, back, back” in regards to keeping back from the wire screen door as she tend to stand too close.  Lucy did bark at a medium sized dog (spaniel maybe?) on the other side of the road – I turned her to face the other way with a firm “Ah No”.  Lucy does need more exposure to other dogs for familiarity with different breeds of different sizes.  She growled at my greyhound at night when she walked around Lucy’s bed, it was more than likely sleep startle as she was fine during the day when my dog walked around her bed.


FOSTER CARE UPDATE – Final Foster Evaluation

Lucy allows you to withdraw food and touch her whilst she is eating.  She does love her food so would probably clean other dogs bowls if she had the opportunity.  Lucy has been friendly and calm with adults and was calm around children as she watched them in a distance and also when they rode past her on their bikes.  She is friendly and calm around other dogs but can be hyperactive.  She does growl on meeting dogs, being bossy, but then she is fine.  She has growled and had her hackles up, again asserting herself as boss, but then was friendly.  Lucy is not cat friendly, she has observed the neighborhood cats and barked/growled/lunged (on lead) at a cat that was across the road.  I believe Lucy would be suited as an only dog, though she has been fine with my resident calm female greyhound.  I have been cautious though feeding them separately and supervising them at bedtime.