Race name: Loopy Lucy
Date of birth: 26/03/2013


Lucy has been left home alone in back room of garage/deck/gravel area with and without greyhound company. May whine a few times quietly, but settles and sleeps. Independent and does not damage items. Attention span for toys limited. Prefers to be with people more than dogs but does enjoy canine company.  She has been left alone with one or two greyhounds both inside and outside while human is around the home.  She has walked one or two blocks and on the beach, she is good with the stairs.  Lies next to the front door after eating for a cool breeze.  She met the neighbors and has learned not to jump up in excitement  Observed the supermarket delivery calmly by the front door.

Lucy is happy to be outside, she is quiet and only whines a few times then settles.  Can take the food bowl away from her and she hasn’t had any accidents inside.  Sleeps all night in a soft sided crate with the door open and bedroom door blocked, she lets you know when she needs to go out.  When walking she walks well ahead but will calm with a gentle tug on the lead.  Settles on her bed once the human sits and will stay on the bed whilst the human works around the house.

She is still learning to wait before others go in and outside and not to jump up at walk time.  We did have an instance early into her fostering when she growled at another dog whilst food was being prepared (not sure who instigated it).  I growled at her and put her outside to wait for food, no issues since but wise to sperate dogs at food prep time as precaution.  Lucy calmed and layed on the deck near the back door after the incident.

I believe thus far Lucy is suited to a home with older children as she can be boisterous when excited.  Lucy appears to be suited to a home as an only dog as well as a home with a canine friend.  She would like an active human who will walk her regularly, Lucy can be strong and pull when walking so she would need a capable person to control her.




Lucy has walked up to two blocks and to the beach twice daily.  She has observed other dogs and a stationary cat in the driveway with interest.  She has been home alone with one other greyhound and alone outside for several hours with no problems (quiet whine only).  She buried an unwanted biscuit in the blanket and a toy in the dirt.  She interacted with the neighbours without jumping.  She is happy to be outside alone for a few hours, she waits at the front door to words – “Lucy, wait….wait.”  Also responds to praise – “good girl!”.

She has had one accident inside – the five minutes outside after her meal was not long enough and may need a lead walk to the toilet, haven’t had any problems since.

Lucy is a confident walker and not concerned with other dogs barking behind fences.  She is interested in everything going on and does look keenly at cat on passing but hasn’t tried to pull towards it.  Lucy would be best in a home with a medium to large dog, she was very keen on meeting a miniature poodle that visited, once settled she was allowed to sniff through the back door and she did relax enough to look around and then ignore the poodle.