Race name: Gee Whiz Midgy
Date of birth: 21/04/2018

Midgy has a home waiting after foster care.



Midgy is going well with learning the new house rules.  She has met some small children, no real issues just a bit excitable.  She has met some big people, again no real issues.  She has gone on many walks including Bunnings, Pet Stock and around the streets of an evening.  She has only had one accident inside.  She is a real snuggler with a very friendly and loving nature.  She responds well to commands and allows you to pat her whilst she is eating and remove the bowl from her, doesn’t even mind sharing.  Also she stays off the furniture!  We are improving on waiting on the bed when told and she travels well in the car although stands for quite some time before sitting down.  Midgy does steal and chew – mainly shoes but anything is fair game including paper!




Available for adoption: