Race name: Minto
Date of birth: 18/02/2016

Foster report – week 1

Minty seems extremely relaxed living in a home.  He settled in immediately and quickly learnt to take himself outside.  He ignores children and doesn’t chew their toys.  He didn’t mind all the visitors on mothers day but started showing stress when the children got very noisy so I took him to a bedroom downstairs and left the door open for him and he was happy with that.  When he goes for a walk he pulls at first but then settles down and trots along nicely.  If we step off the path because of another dog he hides behind me, even if it’s on the other side of the road. (He doesn’t realise he’s poking out both ends).



GAP is very excited to announce that Minty has earned his green collar.

He is very human sociable and loves human affection.  He would be ok with another greyhound or large dog.  He actively avoids small dogs and provided they are not in his face he will tolerate them, but his preference is to avoid them.

Please contact GAP for further information on Minty and to determine suitability.


Minty is a sweet and loving guy that loves his food. He may be a big boy (43kg) but he is a gentle giant. He understands the commands “on your bed” and “down”. He is super affectionate and could receive cuddles from his human all day long. Minty loves going for a walk and then laying in the sun for the rest of the day. Minty is yet to pass his assessment but we’re excited to update when he does.


ADOPTION – Self Foster

Adoption Self Foster is where you adopt and undertake the role of fostering yourself, meaning that your dog learns the rules in your home from the start. They settle in and start to bond with you and learn exactly what you want them to. If things aren’t the right fit then you have 28 days to find that out and you return them to the program along with a completed foster report and receive a full refund and you have helped transition a greyhound to a pet home and gathered information that will assist us to find the right home for them. You will receive a collar, lead, muzzle and coat plus the adoption fee is reduced if you foster adopt.



The reason behind Gaptas fostering a greyhound out prior to offering them for adoption is to prepare them for the many different situations & experiences they will encounter in their new life as a pet. The other aim of foster care is to gauge & provide feedback on the dogs temperament and responses to different situations to determine the most appropriate home to suit the dog. The entire foster period is an information gathering phase as well as setting firm rules and boundaries to help the greyhound transition.

To help the dog along we ask of the following in foster care.

  • House training
  • Sleeping on their own bed
  • Walking calmly on lead
  • Walking up and down stairs
  • Get in and out of a car
  • Alone time
  • Basic commands – No, On your bed, Wait

Available for adoption:

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