Race name: Alolo Miss
Date of birth: 15/03/2016

Missy has returned to the program as she was proven to be too excitable to live with a small dog.  Missy has shown she could possibly live as an only dog or a large dog as she can be very excitable and want to play.


Missy is generally very social and happy to meet new people however she can be a bit shy or stand offish if she is in a new environment.  She loves pats and cuddles and will sometimes harass you until you give them to her.

During foster care Missy stayed at a different house, met new dogs, walked every day, experienced new noises and went to the beach.  She was left at home for extended periods of time and came out of her shell playing with toys and learning how to fetch a ball.

Missy is very food driven and will get into the food or rubbish bin if she can.  She will try to get on the couch when I am sitting on it.  She took a little bit to house train in foster care however got the hang of in the end.




Available for adoption: