Race name: Santa Claws
Date of birth: 28/12/2014

Nick has been socilising with the various breeds of dogs, he can be dominant and likes to be the king pin. He would potential be better suited to a home as the only dog but we are continuing to work with Nick. Nick is friendly on lead with other dogs he meets and socialises with but he does like his own space and would prefer to be in a one dog home.

He enjoys going for walks and is calm and relaxed strolling around with you, he is confident walking up and down the stairs and getting in and out of the car. Initially in the lounge room he just wanted to stay with his handler but soon became comfortable, he gave the couch a try but when told to get off and go to bed he got on the dog bed and watched TV.




Nick has settled in well and become comfortable with his own bed.  He has been on several walks and left at home alone for several hours.  He has become subjected to strict rules and feeding times.  Likes exploring the backyard and became comfortable being outside on his own.  Nick is very well toilet trained only having one accident in the last week.  Nick is very affectionate and comfortable around all people he meets.  He is a big eater and has no trouble finishing his meals however not at all aggressive if you touch his bowl or stand near him while he is eating.  He loves to play with toys and is great at entertaining himself when people are around or even if he is left alone.  Whilst Nick is very sociable with humans he has tendency to jump up if he gets too excited.  He can be a bit much for small children but not at all aggressive.  Nick is very happy to be left in the backyard when I go out but has started to bark at the next door neighbors dog when he can see him through a crack in the fence.  He loves his walks and is overall a good walker but tends to zig zag at the start of a walk when he is still excited.  Towards the end of the walk he walks quietly next to you.  Nick has a tendency to get on the couch any chance he gets, we are working on this!  During walks Nick will whine whenever he sees another dog walking near him.  We are also working on getting Nick to stay in his bed when I get up to walk around a room.  He likes to follow me everywhere but does not get upset when locked in another room he just prefers to be near people.




Nick has met with other dogs in a controlled environment, walked every day, travelled in the car, stayed at different houses overnight and met some farm animals.  Nick has a great personality and is very portable.  He is always confident and happy in whatever situation he is put in.  We stayed at a farm this week and Nick on on with the bigger animals very well.  He played with a female border collie (with his muzzle on) and slept next to her in the sun most days.  Nick has learnt the command “wait” and responds to his name 90% of the time.  Nick is getting better at walking calmly but is still excited when you first start.  He is very content to be left in the backyard during the day but if he can see the dog next door he will bark for awhile.  Nick does continue to try and get on the couch, this is an issue I have not been able to solve.


Nick allows you to withdraw food from him whilst eating, he is a big eater and will go and investigate other dogs bowls of food or sniff at the table if humans are eating but after being told to go away he will go back to his bed.  Nick loves all humans if you pat him he will love you forever.  As Nick likes to jump around a bit it is best for Nick to meet smaller children on lead, he can be hyperactive towards dogs, he is excited to see all dogs and jumps and pulls to get close to them, from what I have seen he is not at all aggressive.  Nick and I have been on a farm for the last week and Nick has really thrived.  I think an ideal home for him would be somewhere where he has plenty of space to run around as a 30 minute walk each day just isn’t enough for him.  Other farm animals are fine if they have their own paddocks and Nick can’t always get to the them.  He was happy to follow me into different enclosures for feeding though and did not antagonize any animals that were as big as or larger than him.  He played chasing with the cows and enjoyed himself thoroughly.   Nick sits quietly in the car and settles, he is also house trained.