Race name: Woosha
Date of birth: 16/04/2015

Owen is a sweet boy who enjoys attention and affection. Initially Owen was rushed and a bit rough with his greetings of smaller dogs but now is more relaxed and social. Owen is calm and relaxed around the busy traffic, he is very easy to walk and is confident on the stairs. He gets in and out of the car unassisted and loves being in the lounge and gets on his bed straight away to snooze under the tv. Initially Owen was not happy when approached when eating but after some training will step away from his dinner.



Owen settled in very easily.  He runs up and down the stairs and in and out the dog door.  He does not hang around the kitchen or around us when we are eating.  He has a very relaxed attitude with Maya (husky) and her with him.  One evening when we were eating steak he was in the room and snarled at Maya so he was promptly put in another room but the next night we had chicken and nothing happened so I’m keeping an eye on that.  He pulls a bit when walking and stops a lot to sniff and is very determined to get on the couch so keeping him off is going to take a bit of work.




Owen has learnt he is not allowed on the couch but I think if I was not home he would jump on.  He loves to play with his fluffy toys and quite often throws them around by himself.  If we move into a different room he will bring them in, then when we go back he will move them again.  He steals any clothes or his coat which might be in reach and drags them to his bed but (mostly) doesn’t chew them.  He knows he is not allowed human food and doesn’t hang around the kitchen, even if Maya is but when the five year old got pizza he thought that looked pretty good.  He was told no three times and he’d got the message and went and lay nearby on the floor.  What a good boy.  His walking still needs improvement.  He pulls quite a bit for the first ten minutes and because he loves to sniff everything he darts about a bit.  He is better walking along the fence line.

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