Race name: Perfect Player
Date of birth: 06/09/2016

We are not currently taking any adoption enquiries for Pete.



Pete is a lovely dog to have in my home, he is polite and sensible in all situations.  There have been no problems with being in the house or back garden alone or with company.  Other dogs greet him and he responds calmly but is happy for them to just pass by.  He travels well in the car, usually standing up to look out.  he enjoys walks, often out in front looking around but maintaining a loose lead.  He gets playful in the morning and evening, collecting shoes and soft furnishings or rolling around on the floor with his toys.

He settled in to home life very well, been alone over night and during the day.  He has walked the neighborhood including the beach, traveled in the car in which he gets in and out well.  He has accepted the house rules and routines and is very polite in the doorways.  He lies around calmly outside for up to five hours.  Walks well on a loose lead, no drama with other dogs, no toilet incidents inside and has nice manners around food.

Pete is mostly quiet but does find the odd bark.  He does like to try and get on the sofa and bed but will move when told, he collects shoes and soft furnishings.  Can get boisterous with his play especially first thing in the morning and he does get excited when I arrive home after hes been left alone having a tendency to jump up and greet me.