Race name: Rockii De Khan
Date of birth: 19/02/2016


Rockii has a small wound on the end of his nose and will be available when that has healed.


Rockii can be a little strong on lead at the start of a walk, so at this stage not suitable for someone not strong enough to control him. He can be reluctant of new things like stairs and jumping into the back of the car ( sometimes) but is getting better. He is social and calm with the little dogs and socialising with he other breeds. He was a bit unsure/unsettled when he goes into the lounge room, but is getting better and will relax over time

ADOPTION – Self Foster

Adoption – Self Foster is where you adopt and undertake the role of fostering yourself, meaning that your dog learns the rules in your home from the start. They settle in and start to bond with you and learn exactly what you want them to. If things aren’t the right fit then you have 28 days to find that out and you return them to the program along with a completed Return report and receive a full refund and you have helped transition a greyhound to a pet home and gathered information that will assist us to find the right home for them. You will receive a collar, lead, muzzle and coat plus the adoption fee is reduced if you Adopt a dog that hasn’t been through foster care.

Available for adoption: