Race name: NA - did not race
Date of birth: 01/04/2018


Russel has been on walks including the North West greyhound walk and to a cafe afterwards.  He has spent time inside alone and outside with another greyhound.  He has stayed outside alone for a few minutes and has always been quiet.  He does prefer company when staying outside for longer as he won’t settle on the dog bed until the resident greyhound is with him.  He has slept in the bedroom on a dog bed with the door closed.  He has seen two loose chickens outside a house fence, he was a bit keen, and with other dogs he is sometimes interested and other times just ignores them.

He settles to sleep after a walk and a play with his toys.  He has had no accidents inside.  He stands or lays behind you as food is being prepared.  He eats outside so he can toilet straight after, he also allows you to remove the bowl and pat whilst eating.  He is eager to please you.

He put his paws up on the bench on his first night, was told “No” and “Off” and he has never done it again.  Its the same for not getting up on the couch.  He is clean inside but usually needs to be lead outside by the collar especially after first waking up.

He did growl at the resident greyhound at first when she walked near the toys he was playing with.  I believe this was just him getting used to sharing his space as this has not happened again.  Russel now does not bother about the resident greyhound moving around but will follow her to keep company even if the human is in the other room.  When he did growl, I growled at him – took him outside for a few minutes then he returned to calmly play with his toys.

Russel tends to collect objects – shoe, sunglasses case, toy etc.  he has once knocked over a clothes rack to get the clothes on top.  He has also chewed one clothes peg before the basket was removed.




Russel has been left alone inside and outside with another greyhound.  He has been on walks including to the beach.  Loves his squeaky toys, pillow pets and also chews balls outside after eating.  He has paddled in a wading pool in the hot weather, zoomed around the grass and kept calm when kids rode past on their bikes.

Russel is generally quiet but has whined when asking to come inside after going to the toilet and waiting for his dinner.  Has also uttered a deep loud bark in excitement when I arrived home.  He has had no accidents inside, is an easy walker – doesn’t pull but is interested in watching for wildlife.

He has chewed a small wooden doorstop a few times and will occasionally steal balled up socks and a towel from the bathroom to take to his bed, I think this is because it smells like the human.  He loves his toys so needs his own otherwise will take cushions etc.

Over all Russel is a quiet boy and does prefer to have companionship, I believe he would be suitable to live with adults or children of any age and appears he would be a good family dog.  He walks very well and travels well in the car with no problems.