Race name: Slim Boy
Date of birth: 03/02/2018

Slim is a very special boy as he has poor vision.  He can see things that are at a close distance in front of him and it certainly doesn’t stop him wanting to play or have a cuddle.



Slim settled in immediately.  He went happily down the stairs and in and out the dog door.  The glass doors and cabinets have not been a problem and he needed no toilet training.  He follows all commands and knows his name.  He doesn’t scratch at the bedroom door and will quietly stay outside with Maya (husky) for a couple of hours without wrecking the back door.  He has no issue with the cement floor downstairs but I think he slipped in the kitchen and now won’t come into the kitchen.  He very quickly learnt the household routine and doesn’t try to shove past to get into a room.  Because he uses his nose as his eyes he sniffs a lot and this makes his walking erratic.  He pulls and zigzags.  His left eye seems worse than his right (he only ever bumps into things on his left) so I am testing to see if he might walk better on my right side.




Slim has continued to be very well behaved.  He does not get on the couch or try to take our food.  He loves to be with us when we are mowing the lawn and is not afraid of any noisy kitchen appliances.  He still pulls quite a bit on his walks but improves after about ten minutes.  He doesn’t show much interest at all in other dogs.