Race name: Miss Montez
Date of birth: 01/04/2015

Stella has returned to the program as the home she was living in didn’t quite suit her needs.  She would prefer to live in an active household with another dog.




Initially Stella bench surfed when her food was being prepared and I had my back turned.  She waited outside and by the end of week one she waited calmly in the kitchen or lay behind my feet.  She is learning to wait at the door and does try to open the door by pushing it with her nose, I have locked the wire screen for safety.  I would bring Stella inside on lead whilst my greyhound played with a toy inside, Stella growled,  I stopped her and she hasn’t done it since.  Stella lets you pat her while she eats and remove the bowl.  She is learning not to get on the couch and only tried a couple of times.  She is also learning not to jump up unexpectedly in excitement when greeting people, holding her collar prevents this.  She has spent an hour alone in the back room/deck area with no issues.




Stella has spent time outside on her own and alone with another greyhound.  She may whine at first but otherwise quiet.  Can be reluctant at first to settle on her bed.  She has been on short walks and is learning the house rules.

Stella is behaving well with the second greyhound and will let you know when she needs to go outside at night and during the day, generally if she is up and restless – take her out.  She is happy to be outside in the backyard/shelter whilst the human is out.  Stella is human orientated and may whine if she hears you or the neighbors, she is a dog that wants company and prefers to sleep in the bedroom with human company.  She checks on you until you go to bed.  She has had no accidents inside and allows you to pat and remove the food bowl whilst she is eating.  She walks calmly on the lead however is curious about other dogs, people and parked cars.

She does not stay on her bed all the time until the human has gone to bed.  She is learning to wait whilst the human goes out of the door – will sometimes wait, other times wont.  She has settled onto the couch a couple of times uninvited – would dearly love to be allowed on the couch!  She can be excitable upon greeting people, jumping up briefly, before settling.  Keeping hold of her collar prevents her jumping up, its just her happy personality coming out.  She can be interested in small dogs when walking, sometimes ignores them and sometimes just looks, she does need more exposure to other dogs and in a busier, louder area.

Stella has been known to collect shoes and take to her bed.  Other items have been found in the bed as well, including a coat and gloves.  She likes to know where you are and be near you.




Stella is independent and may be ok in a home as an only dog but she does also enjoy greyhound company.  She copies the resident greyhound sometimes but also does her own thing, I believe my calm greyhound has helped her settle.  Stella did not have much to do with children whilst in foster care but would be suitable for a home with any aged adult.  She is happy to walk either in front of you or by your side and she understands the command – wait!