Race name: Mouse Trap
Date of birth: 15/04/2016


Tiny has settled in really well you would think she has lived in my home all her life . Vey happy in her bed and sleeps well at night but on occasions Tiny has tried to sneak into my bed but will go back to her own when told . I work full time and Tiny has coped really well at home alone no accidents in side so far.  Tiny does get over excited to see people but after about 10 minutes is calm again . Loves to go for walks and straight to the door if she sees her lead in your hands.  She is still learning to wait at the door and not push passed in excitement, she does zig zag a bit early in her walks but towards the end she walks beautifully.  Tiny played really well with my 3 year old grandson and was happy to follow and play with him . So far no bench surfing and no interest in chewing anything but she has taken my towel from the bathroom every morning and left it in the lounge.   We need to work on getting into the car but I will do that in week 2.




In Tinys second week we have settled into a good routine.  Tiny loves her 2 walks a day and I’m finding no need for a alarm in the morning as she comes and checks on me keen for her first walk . Tiny copes well at home alone while I work but I think someone who works a little less would be perfect or another dog to keep her company. Tiny sleeps well on her bed and if told goes straight to it . I think Tiny has selective hearing – I’m 100% sure she knows her name but will only answer on her terms . On our walks when told to wait at the curb to cross Tiny does what she is told but telling Tiny to wait at the door when leaving for a walk is still in the learning stages, she is just too excited . Tiny does get over excited when visitors come but using the lead and telling visitors to greet her when she has calmed down has worked beautifully.  Tiny is a delight with my grandson and the two play together really well, Tiny likes to follow him. A home with a routine Tiny will shine and continue to learn.




Tiny gets very excited at walk tine and can zig zag a bit at first, after awhile she walks very well, will wait at the curb until I tell her “ok”.  Tiny does still need work on getting in and out of the car.  She allows you to take away her food bowl whilst she is eating however will growl over treats.  She is a friendly dog to adults and children however when meeting new people can be very excited for the first ten minutes before calming right down.  She was friendly towards another greyhound until the other dog tried to take her favorite toy, then she growled.  She didn’t mind them playing with the other toys just not her favorite one.  Tiny understands the commands:  wait, on your bed and no.  Tiny loves a routine, picked up very quickly when it was walk time.


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