Enter your dog

Do you own a retired greyhound?

To place your greyhound in the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP), please complete the Application Form below.

To gain a place in the program, your greyhound must meet the GAP Admission Criteria:

  • Completion of the 28-day wind-down period as per LR36.4(e); and
  • A current C5 vaccination.

Proof of vaccination is required, and the GAP defines a ‘current vaccine’ as one that is administered a minimum of 14 days and a maximum of nine months prior to entry.

There is currently a waiting list to enter the GAP. Only greyhounds eligible for admission to the GAP will be placed on the GAP Wait List.

Upon receipt of the Application Form, if a greyhound is ineligible for admission to the GAP, the greyhound will be placed on the GAP Entry List. The greyhound will transfer to the GAP Wait List as soon as the admission criteria have been met.

All greyhounds presented for admission to the GAP facility must be flea-free, bathed and accompanied by the following paperwork:

  • Transfer of ownership form, signed by the current registered owner;
  • Greyhound history form.

The GAP cannot accommodate bitches in season and may exclude greyhounds with health issues including pannus, chronic lameness, deformities, heart conditions or open wounds.

If you would like further information on the GAP or have difficulties with the online Application Form, please contact the GAP by telephone on 0437 705 979 or by email at gapadmin@tasracing.com.au.

What can I do to assist my greyhound’s transition from racing dog to family pet?

There are a number of things you can do to transition your greyhound into a pet lifestyle.

These include:

Get your greyhound used to spending time loose in the back yard – pet homes do not generally have kennels and runs.

  • Get your greyhound walking comfortably on a lead by your side.
  • Introduce your greyhound to strangers and children under supervision.
  • Take your greyhound out on street walks to the park, past the local school or shopping centre and beside busy roads.
  • Bring your greyhound into the house for short periods at a time.
  • Introduce your greyhound to stairs and slippery floor surfaces like tiles, linoleum or polished floorboards.
  • Introduce your greyhound to other animals under controlled circumstances – cats, other dog breeds, horses, caged birds, poultry and other small animals.
  • In a careful manner handle your greyhound while it is eating to get it used to distractions at meal time.
  • Groom your greyhound – brush regularly.
  • Some dogs can initially be stressed at the changes they’re experiencing and may lose weight. Ideally your greyhound should be 2kg above their last racing weight on entry to GAP Tasmania. Work to add approximately 2kg to your greyhound

Please Note

GAP Tasmania must be informed of any pre-existing health conditions before entering the program.

If you do not receive a response within 3 working days, please check your spam or junk folders and if the response is not there please follow up with a phone call to the office. To prevent the email from being sent through to your spam or junk folders please add gaptas@tasracing.com.au  and gapadmin@tasracing.com.au to your address book.

The entry waiting list will be updated every Monday morning.

Available for adoption: