Agfest ’17 is fast approaching!

Meet one of GAP Tasmania’s beautiful greyhounds at Agfest site #M118. Get to know some of the adorable greyhounds available for fostering and adoption and discover why they make the perfect pet!

Location: Site #M118 on Main Street, head to the event page for the Agfest Site Map!…/gap-tasmanian-at-agfest-2017/


Finding permanent pet homes for placid greyhounds

FINDING permanent homes for greyhounds when they retire from racing is the key activity of the Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania (GAPTas).

In addition to finding homes for these placid and loveable animals, we continue to educate the community on what a gentle and affectionate pet greyhounds are.

Greyhounds thrive on human companionship and require much less exercise than most people think! In fact, they are more likely to lay around in the sun and relax than run around all day!

Every greyhound that enters our program is temperament tested, de-sexed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and has their teeth cleaned and nails trimmed.

We also provide printed materials for new owners, as well as a new coat, collar, lead, muzzle and post adoption support.

All greyhounds that are ready to for adoption have been taught the basics of pet life thanks to dedicated volunteer foster careers.

Our greyhounds spend three to six weeks with our foster carers who help prepare them for life outside of racing. Foster carers do not necessarily need to be an experienced dog trainer to foster a greyhound. All that is required is a love for the breed, some patience, understanding and a fully fenced yard.

Because of the extensive testing each greyhound undergoes, each can be matched to the environment and lifestyle of its new adoption home.

If you’re not sure that a greyhound is for you, fostering is the perfect way to experience the joy of having a dog in your life without making a lifetime commitment.


GAPTas is operated by Tasracing and provides support and guidance throughout the fostering period, which is usually only a three to six-week commitment.

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