Foster Carer Rewards Presentation

At our recent Gap Xmas party we were able to present the rewards to two of our long term foster carers.

Toni achieved her Gold foster carer status for fostering 25 greyhounds. Toni started fostering back in 2010 with her first dog Tee and has seen many more wonderful dogs passing through her home on the way to their forever homes. Toni says that she had fostered other breeds before but will only foster greyhounds now because they are so great.

Carol achieved her Platinum reward for fostering 50 greyhounds for Gap. Carol began fostering in 2009 with her first foster Jerry. Dog number 18, Toby joined Carols home permanently when Carol adopted him and since then has assisted in teaching the new fosters the way.

Gap Tasmania is forever grateful to Toni and Carol and all of our passionate and dedicated foster carers, with out them we wouldn’t be able to successfully adopt these dogs into forever homes with the information we know about them or the excellent start to pet life they get.



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