Introducing the Team

GAPTas has a very dedicated team. Tasracing’s Welfare Manager, veterinarian¬† Dr Annie oversee’s the management of the program.

Day to day operations are managed by program manager Susan. Susan has a lifetime of experience and knowledge paired with qualifications in animal behavior with a specialty in greyhounds. Susan ensures that all greyhounds coming through the program are given enrichment and socialising programs in order to help them progress on their journey to the pet world.

Leanne is the person responsible for delivering and collecting the dogs moving into and back from foster care, heading to a meet and greet or an adoption home or going to the vet for their desexing and health checks. Leanne is also the happy face that visits the nursing homes and other community initiatives with these beautiful dogs. When Leanne isn’t out and about she is working on the enrichment programs with the dogs.

From left to right: Chris, Susan, Annie, Leanne and Carol

Carol is the foster carer liaison and admin officer. Monday, Wednesday and Friday Carol responds to your applications, communicates with the foster carers to gain valuable information on how the dogs are progressing in their foster home and answers all of your inquiries.

Chris is the kennel hand and spends his time being the cook, cleaner and personal assistant to the dogs. He is the one that takes them out to their day yards, ensures their sleeping areas are clean and tidy, their waters are fresh, clean and full and delivers dinner. Chris also assists with the enrichment program and enjoys getting to go for walks with the dogs.

The other important team members are Sparkles, Thelma, Louise, Penny, Tiff and Axel. Sparkles is a beagle x terrier and has been working with the greyhounds for a few years and she still loves to give them love and affection, Thelma and Louise are sisters, they are Maltese Shitzu’s and Penny is a rough coated Jack Russell. Tiff is a german shorthair pointer pup, she is lively and loves to play with the big dogs. Axel is the resident cat assessment officer, he likes to roll around and show off when the greyhounds are about and is vital is helping introduce the Greyhounds to a domestic cat.

Gap is also supported by dedicated volunteers who organise walks and help out at our events.

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