Bow5-200x300Eighteen months ago I adopted Bow, a beautiful black grey who had never made it on the race track. He was the most timid of greys. In the doggie park he stood constantly by my side, shying away from other dogs and from humans who tried to get too close.

Gradually he has come out of his shell a little.  When he chooses he will chase around with other dogs, accept a ‘pat’, or play with a toy. Mostly he has this sad, eeyore-look like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

But last week a new Bow emerged – Bow the ‘media tart’, Bow the celebrity-in-the-making, Bow the king of the cat(dog)walk. Like many actors, who are shy in real-life, Bow blossomed in front of the camera.  He was a ‘natural’.

Bow4-200x300Sick of my pathetic attempts at dog photography and my motley collection of photos of: Bow’s rear-end, the back of his head or a black blob in the distance, I decided to call in the professionals. I took him for a photo shoot with pet photographers “So-in-Love” and a new Bow unfolded before my eyes.  He loved the camera, staring right into the camera lens, holding in a series of poses, different head-tilts, ears up and down, and even retaining a ‘sit’ for an extended period. He just loved the sound of the camera shutter and the paparazzi were putty in his paws. I’d recommend the experience for anyone who loves their pet.

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