Ashleigh, Tom and Louie’s LOVE Story!

In December 2021 Ashleigh and Tom Called in to GAP on their way past one day to meet a few of our Gorgeous Greyhounds.  We bought several out HOWEVER when Louie came out he was totally   BESOTTED with Ashleigh and Tom.  The connection was instant and an unbreakable bond began!

Here is their latest update:

Louie is going great, he is such a cutie, he loves the beach and will bounce around in the shallows when we take him, has a big bed in almost every room, he reached for the first time last night and is a total chilled dude on walks and is usually the best behaved out of any dogs we meet!  He has already made a greyhound friend that lives up the beach and they got on super well


He is fitting in really well though and we are Sooo happy he picked us.






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