33 starts 6 wins 11 placings, now the winner of out hearts. This is a small of our adopted dog George. George is hoping that by telling his story it might encourage someone to Adopt or Foster one of his beautiful friends.

I think often greyhounds are misunderstood particularly as they are race dogs and wear muzzles in public. The last point we are fighting as it is totally unnecessary.story of our adopted dog George. George is hoping that by telling his story it might encourage someone to Adopt or Foster one of his beautiful friends.

I had never really considered a Greyhound as a family pet. They raced and beyond that I did not know much about them. It was only when we were in QLD and were at the pet shop getting food ,that GAP Townsville had quite a few of their dogs and a stall. At that time we had 2 dogs so greyhound adoption went to the back of my mind.

When we moved to Tasmania, my beautiful Staffy X Mouse died but I was too devastated to consider another dog.  This was until .our Shepherd, Irmuska, started to get depressed without a friend. It was then that GAP came to my mind again.

After a fair bit of research I decided to place an application thinking that as I had 2 cats, 2 kids and another dog it would be a while to find a dog suitable. Much to our luck, Susan found us the perfect boy, George.

George has settled well into our lives and has certainly crawled his way under my skin. He adjusted well and we taught him a few things that as a race dog he hadn’t really experienced. We even went to obedience classes but most of our training was done online as the trainers had no idea about hounds. I would like to say though that George passed with 84 out of 100 and can sit, stay and drop on command (mainly for a dog chocolate drop or a piece of bread). His recall is still a little bit to be desired as the world offers so much better stuff then me sometimes. I always knew from my research that recall is one of the hardest things in greyhounds due to their nature and breeding.

He is an absolute character who manages to make everyone fall in love with him. He is known in Evandale for his gentle nature on our walks and has represented GAP at Agfest 2011. Not many dogs could walk through that many people, noises and smells and just take it all into their stride. George and his friends did their breed proud and helped to dissipate the misconceptions particularly as they had received permission to not wear their muzzles. He also attended the PAWS 2011 walk in Launceston and walked happily with very little and excitable dogs, again attracting attention to the fact that he wasn’t interested in them. George also likes to show off his speed at the dog parks and smiles once he has finished. He enjoys the attention that his speed creates—I think my hound enjoys being in the spotlight!!


George-MPW-300x225At home George is well mannered and docile. He shares his kennel with my children (don’t ask) and as much as he still does not know how to ‘play’ he enjoys the company of Irmuska and they often lie in the sun together. When he is inside the house though, our cats are boss. My two cats will push George away from meat or scraps that are dished out and George lets them!! For a dog that has a bad rep with small animals and children, George is the perfect example that there are Greyhounds out there that fit into family life due to their docile nature. He loves his walks and on the very cold days he wears his ‘jammies.’

Please consider adopting one of these beautiful dogs—once you have owned a Greyhound you will never go back!!

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